Our first publication, "The Fires of Skinspeake"  is now available to order in either physical or digital form.

The Fires of Skinspeake - XIP0001

The small fishing community of Stormshelter, on the remote icy island of Skinspeake, relies on the coal mined by the Bronzehammer clan to survive.  The problem is that the dwarves have stopped supplying it, and wont say why.  The trapper sent to find out what's happening has vanished without a trace.  Perhaps a brave party of adventurers can discover what's going on before the community freezes to death?

An OGL adventure designed for low-level player characters.

The Fires of Skinspeake was published on October 1st 2015.  Orders for physical copies will be with you within one week.  Orders for digital copies will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours.

ORDER FAST - First 20 physical copies will be signed and numbered.  Who knows?  Perhaps you'll own a piece of RPG history!


Physical Copy

£9.00 including United Kingdom Postage and Packaging

Digital Copy


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